What I've Learned After A Week Of High School

I've learned that high school is very similar to junior high and at the same time so different! I've had a really hard time balancing fun, academics, and band. Especially on Monday and Wednesday nights because I don't get home until about 10 on those nights. After I get home I have to finish a ton of homework from my Algebra II Honors class. Its been pretty difficult and I've found myself having a hard time enjoying the good parts of high school because I miss a lot of the friends that I hung out with last year. This year all I want to do is stand out for once and stop disappearing into the background. I'm done being a wallflower.


I'm Back!!!!

As my first post for my freshman year I have been asked to answer these questions.

  1. What is something good from your summer?
 I went to Georgia and got to visit with my cousins. While we were in Georgia we went to the Coke museum and got to try different Coke products from around the world which was really cool.
  1. List your 3 favorite movies.
A Walk To Remember, Catch Me If You Can, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  1. List your 2 favorite singers/bands. (I don't care I'm listing more than two because I can't decide on just two.)
The Fray, Nickelback, Fallout Boy, Ed Sheeren, One Direction (side note I share Liam Payne's last name and birthday), Augustana, Five For Fighting, Avril Lavigne, Band of Horses, Troye Sivan, Coldplay, Eminem
  1. List your favorite candy.


Challenge 5 "Tech Trek"

I'm the type of person who gets passionate about things very quickly. Some may say that's a good thing and some may say that it isn't. I am passionate about reading, writing, TV, movies, helping people, and performing. I surprise myself, even, with how passionate I get about things, because when I was younger I was really quiet and shy and did pretty much whatever I was told to do. Of course I grew out of that and some may say I'm better for it and, again, some may say that I am not. When I was younger I wasn't exactly interested in the same things that the other kids my age were. I liked to read the short biographies of famous people that our school library had and one of my favorite shows was 48 Hours Mystery. Again, not exactly something you would expect an elementary student to be interested in, but I loved learning about how they solved these crimes. I found it fascinating. To give you a few examples that I am interested in I have 2 presentations. So these are some of the things that I am interested in.

(Warning the Prezi contains music, the song is Pop Danthology 2013 by: Daniel Kim)


Challenge 4 "What's All The Blogging About"

"Reading Influences Life Skills"

We kind of have an open challenge this time. We are are allowed to pick a topic of our choice as long as it follows some guidelines. Because of this I have chosen to write about how books influence you. Recently in class we talked about how some violent themes in books can lead to violent behaviors, but I'd like to write about the good things that are book influenced.

Since I was very young I have always enjoyed reading. It was an easy way to escape. I even remember an entire summer where all I really did was sit in our yard, on my stomach, and read. Now whenever we go to the library at school and my friends ask me why I didn't get a book I just tell the that I have already read all the good ones at our library. The books that probably influenced me the most were the Harry Potter books (I know real original). Even today I carry the thought that I will protect those who I love at all costs, just like Harry.

I think that a lot of us do this. If
we read, hear, or watch things that depict specific characteristics as what you should do, then generally we mimic those things. Your parents might teach you a lot, but for me I can say that Harry Potter and Percy Jackson taught me selflessness. I actually like being able to say that and I've always liked the fact that I love reading so much. I think that it will help me a lot in life. Of course as I have gotten older my interests have changed a bit, but I still return to the old series that I used to read when I was younger when they release a new book. In fact Harry Potter influenced me so much that I have a lot of memorabilia in my room about Harry Potter (as seen above).

Reading Fiction Impacts Aggressive Behavior
By: Tom Jacobs
Date: September 07, 2011 • 2:51 PM

Above is an article about the thought that, not only can books influence you in good ways, but they can also influence you in bad. I agree with a few of the things that the author of this article says, though not all of it. I just believe that we can be influenced by just about anything, especially things that we are subjected to at a young age.

Challenge 3 "What Is In The Picture?"

It’s a Cold Way Home

Just as everything was going well, it all went wrong. We were traveling home from a ski vacation in Colorado. I looked to my left at my sister. She was wearing her ever present headphones and playing on her new kindle. Behind me I knew that my brother was sleeping, his head resting on the cold window.

It was getting dark out and the sky was bathed in a foggy grey. My dad was driving the car and the CD that I had created for this trip, “Scarlet’s Mix”,  was playing through the speakers, though quietly, due to the fact that our luggage covered most of the speakers.

The road was icy. We had seen a few trucks that had jackknifed, five to be exact, I’ve been counting. Just then we started to slide on the icy road. It happened so fast and the next thing that I know we are upside down and the suitcases from the trunk, along with the skis that are wedged between the seats start to fall from what was previously considered the floor of our car, but now appeared to be the roof. My brother and sister are screaming and my parent are asking worriedly if we are alright and the bad thing is I don’t even know if I am alright. My mind is a jumbled mess with thoughts ranging from scared and worried to confused. I’m not even sure what is going on.

Then my dad tells us to unbuckle our seat belts. and we do as we’re told, being careful not to fall directly on our heads. As my brother, sister, and I sit there looking at each other, we assess the damage.

Our faces are all a bit banged up. My brother’s is the worst. He has the beginnings of a bruise from where his head was leaning up against the window and is bleeding from a gash on the side of his head from where a ski had hit him. My sister is holding on to her arm which appears to be broken.

My parents might have said something during this time of reflection, but if they did I didn’t hear it. I was starting to freak out. The situation I was in wasn’t resonating with my brain. It was as if my thoughts were moving in slow motion. Suddenly I felt a pain coming from my chest. It was coming from my rib cage. This is when I finally realize the situation that I am in.

I start to listen in on my parents conversation. They have my dad’s phone out and are talking to a 911 operator. I can’t hear the operators voice, but it is evident that help is on the way. I didn’t realize it before, but there are glass shards all around me. The back window was broken during the accident. We could try to get out of the car from there, but the mountain of our suitcases and the glass that it everywhere over there prevents us from trying to do so.

My ribs are still hurting and by now I am convinced that one of my ribs is broken. I am hugging my 9 year old brother as he cries. I just keep wondering when they will be here. I don’t hear the sirens that I have been waiting for and with every passing minute that silence only turns into sorrow. As I was focusing on the overbearing silence, something broke through. It was the call of an unfamiliar persons voice, muffled by the cold air.

Soon we see the owner of the voice. He crouches down and looks at us through the broken window. I know that we must look pathetic huddled together in varying states of distress. He yells at us, so he can be heard over the wind, “Are you alright? Do you need me to call an ambulance?”.

My mother yells back at him, “We already called an ambulance, but its been a hour and they still aren’t here. Please help us get out!”.

“Okay!”, the man yells back before heading back to, what I assume is his car. A few moments later he returns with a tire iron. Before we can even ask what he’s doing he starts brak all of the glass that still remained attached to the trunk door. After that he removed all of the large pieces that lay all over our suitcases. Me and my siblings started to attempt to help, though maneuvering through a wrecked car with the added difficulties of injuries isn’t easy.

Once we’d successfully removed all of the glass he pulled my brother out first, since he was the youngest and clearly the most terrified. After that it was my sister and I’s turn and following shortly after us came my mother and father. We lay in the cold snow once we got out of the car. It didn’t matter that it was freezing at the time because we were just happy to be out of that car. With this thought I looked back at the car and saw the extent of the damage. I was amazed at the fact that we even survived.

We loaded up into the strangers car and headed off. He had told us that he would take us to the hospital. As I sat there in his car with me brother and sister beside me, I stared out of the window just as I had before the accident. I hoped that the fear would dissipate after a while, but in that moment I was convinced that it wouldn’t.

Suddenly I noticed that we were going in the wrong direction. We had passed a hospital before the accident, but instead of turning around he had started to travel in the same direction that we had previously been travelling. At this moment I started to freak out and so did my family, but the man didn’t react. He just kept on his fixed path and drove.


Challenge 2 "Read Across America"

I have a lot of favorite books, all of which I enjoyed in different ways. For example my two favorite book series are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson (I know real original), but at the moment my favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. It's not really that I enjoyed it more than any other book that I've read, its more that I like the way that John Green wrote it and was able to make me fall in love with the characters. The main character Hazel battles herself a bit in the book too, which is relate able because we all hold emotions back to protect others and worry about what we might be putting people through.

What the book is a Realistic Fiction book about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer and meets a guy named Augustus Waters at a cancer support group. When they meet he's in remediation (is cancer free), but had had his leg amputated because of his cancer. He is really the most influential character in the book because, even though he isn't the narrator and we don't get to see his point of view, The story starts and ends with him influencing Hazel's li
fe. The whole story is really there love story. Your probably thinking, "Oh, one of those books", but It really is just about the most beautiful and well written book out there. Frankly I don't think that I can do the book justice on here so I suggest that after you read this post you go to your local library and get this book, not only because it's awesome, but also because the movie is coming out this year.


Challenge 1 "Writing Sideways"

In this weeks challenge we were asked to pick three questions to answer about ourselves, so here you go:

1.  The book you read and re-read:
          I have this thing where I can't fall asleep without an audiobook playing so I have listened to all the Harry Potter's and Percy Jackson's about 50 times each! They are my two favorite book series' and have inspired me a lot. They are the kind of book series that I will remember for the rest of my life.
2. Your biggest weakness:
         I would do anything to make a friend happy. I care about them so much that it isn't surprising that I would do anything to help them and/or make them happy. I can literally imagine dying for any of my friends.
3. The song you listen to on repeat:
        I don't really have a specific so I will just write down the ones on my favorites playlist since I listen to it the most-
Mrs. Mistake- Jesse McCartney
Addicted- Saving Abel
Cut- Plumb
The Vacation Song- Shane Dawson
God D*** Your Beautiful- Chester See
New Divide- Linkin Park
Love Medley! (feat. Chester See and Kylee)- Kurt Hugo Schneider
Because You Live- Jesse McCartney
Not Over You- Gavin Degraw
Goodbye (feat. Islove)- Glenn Morrison
Damaged- Adrian Lux
WAR- Former Vandal
Holiday- Green Day
Just So You Know- Jesse McCartney
Say Something (Cover)- Alex & Sierra
SUPERLUV- Shane Dawson
Move It Like U Stole It- ZZ Ward


"Am I A Genius?"


No, I am not a genius. I'm not a genius because many of my friends are just as smart if not smarter than me.

How does someone become a genius? I'm not positively sure. I think that they have lots of practice from a young age. They might have also been born with certain characteristics that enable them to process certain things in a different ways than others. What are the characteristics of a genius? When I imagine a genius, for some reason, I always think back to the show Sherlock (2010) because it shows a man who has a vast memory within his brain. This allows him to categorize certain types of memories into different areas, making it easy to access. To me that is a mind of a genius

A genius in my opinion looks like a normal person, but it is their brain that makes them different. They might act like you or they might not, its inside that is different. If I could become a genius in any area, it would be music. I love the idea of people knowing who I am. They idea of becoming a household name enthralls me. What would you need to do in order to become a genius? I believe that it take practice and a real love of what you are doing. It can't be something that you will get tired of it should be something that excites you.


Did the Jews rebel against the Nazis?


Did the Jews rebel against the Nazis?

The Jews did rebel against the Nazis, but were unsuccessful most of the time. They were usually unsuccessful due to the careful organization and overwhelming military might of the Nazi German State and its supporters. One of these uprisings took place at the Treblinka extermination camp. The participants obtained guns and grenades after two young men used forged keys and snuck into the weapons store. The weapons were then distributed around the camp in garbage bins. However, during the distribution of arms, a Nazi guard stopped a prisoner and found contraband money on him. Fearing that the prisoner would be tortured and give away the plan, the organizers decided to launch the revolt ahead of schedule without completing the distribution of weapons, and set off a single grenade. The prisoners attacked the Nazi guards with guns and grenades. Several guards were killed, a fuel tank was set on fire, barracks and warehouses were set burned, military vehicles were disabled, and grenades were thrown at the SS headquarters. The guards replied with machine-gun fire, and 1,500 inmates were killed, though 70 inmates escaped to freedom. Gassing operations at the camp were interrupted for a month. In conclusion, the Jews did rebel against the Nazis with varying levels of success.


Children Making a Difference!

 Children Making a Difference!

Hannah Taylor

When Hannah Taylor was 5, she saw a man eating out of the garbage on a winter day. She began to wonder if they could cure homelessness if people just shared what they had. At the age of 8 she started the Ladybug Foundation. She has raised well over 2 million dollars for the homeless though her foundation. The thing that I find interesting about this story is the fact that something she saw when she was only 5 influenced her so much. I mean I hardly even remember when I was 5 so the fact that she has created a foundation that helps so many people off of one memory is truly remarkable.

Craig Kielburger

 One morning before school, a 12 year old, Craig Kielburger was looking for the comics section of the newspaper when he noticed an article about a 12 year-old Pakistani boy who was murdered for speaking out against child labor. Craig did not know much about child labor at the time, but quickly learned more about it. Wanting to put a stop to child labor he created the Free The Children Foundation with some of his fellow classmates. Again this story influences me because he didn't have to do anything. He made the decision that he was going to make a difference and that is exactly what he did. Free the Children has become the largest organization of children helping children, with partnerships with the United Nations and Oprah's Angel Network.

 Alexandra Scott

Alexandra "Alex" Scott was diagnosed with cancer two days before her first birthday, but when she turned four, she set up Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help her doctors find a cure. Although Alex passed away when she was eight, thousands of children, schools, businesses and organizations hold annual lemonade stands to support this charity. To me this story stands alone. It's tragic yet it makes us think that if this young girl who died so young could make this big of a difference in the people's lives around her. Alex Scott was truly a fighter.